At the heart of our brandies' unique aroma: the intelligence of nature. Our land is situated on a volcanic field, providing extraordinary soil quality and fertility.

Spread at an altitude of 1,000 meters high, our vineyards enjoy pristine purity and almost un-interrupted sunshine. The prodigious diversity of our soils, comprised of 30 different typologies, gives our grape its distinctive quality and versatile selection: a same vine variety can deliver different shades of flavors depending on its location on the land.

Like a painter's palette, our art of assembly browses through each subtle variation, each nuance in order to build up the richness of our brandies. Water plays a primal role in the elaboration of brandy: it is the initial matter, the most important ingredients in the composition of spirit, fully decisive of a brandy's quality. Perfect balance should be attained between grape excellence and water quality. Armenia is blessed with more than 7,500 natural springs originated from the Ararat glacier and the volcanic park.

Gifted with precious minerals, our water is known for its purity, and has even been praised for its medicinal virtues. Today it continues to instill its goodness in our brandies.