The Proshyan Family

Wine has a long history in Armenia, probably as old as its civilization. The country has seen some of the earliest forms of vinification. Praised among the greatest Empires, Armenian wines have always been highly sought after by leaders and great warriors from the ancient times.

Likewise, 1887 UNICIS originates from very deep family traditions and was created by one of the most eminent family in Armenia: the Proshyan clan. As early as year 1225 and continuously throughout the generations, the Proshyan's have actively worked on preserving the richness of Armenian cultural heritage. The Geghard Monastery, one of Armenia's most acclaimed cultural sites, was safeguarded thanks to the Prince Prosh Kaghbakian, founder of the Proshyan principality. The impressive monument, carved out of a mountain, became enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage. Today it still shelters the tomb of Prince Kaghbakian, and is a precious reminder of our brand's lineage.

The birth of Armenian brandy

In 1865, Nerses Tairan and Vasily Tairov, two cousins from a same family, start to develop brandy in one of the most historical sites of Armenia: the Yerevan fortress. Shortly after, a third skillful man joins their team: Mkrtich Musiyanc, graduated from the prestigious winemaking school of Montpellier, in France. Together, the three men bring up French technology into Armenia, and by year 1887, the brandy factory becomes the most advanced across the country.
1900 marks an important milestone in the country's winery history: for the first time, an Armenian brandy wins the Grand Prix at Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900.
At the root of this award, an audacious act: anonymous samples of Armenian brandy are sent to Paris' exhibition. Blind-tasted by eminent French judges, the brandy is immediately and unanimously praised for its exceptional qualities, and wins the highest prize. As it is brought to light that the mysterious liquor is from Armenia and not from France, the French jury decides to grant for the first time in history the privilege of using the "cognac" designation on labels to a foreign brandy-maker.

From this period started, Armenian brandy starts to enjoy international recognition, and becomes highly sought-after by spirits lovers and government officials alike.


Later in the 1920's, Armenian winery takes a new turn and the brandy factory expands into several trademarks, thereby enriching and diversifying the selection of Armenian brandies across the world.
1887 UNICIS brand becomes fully independent, and chooses to specialize exclusively in highest quality brandies.

Like hammer in stones, our knowledge of spirit assembly was patiently chiseled and perfected century after century. Today, each step of our brandy creation is still like a miracle in itself: from earth fertility to water purity, from grape selection to brilliant assembly, from late harvests to slow aging in century-old red oaks barrels, the entire process is a celebration of Nature's perfection combined with ancestral savoir-faire.